Congregation Beth Shalom
Clifton Park


We are a community synagogue serving the diverse Jewish community in Southern Saratoga County and surrounding areas.

For more information contact the synagogue office at 518-371-0608 (office staff is available Monday through Friday mornings). Our Vice President, Membership, Coleen Silverman will contact you.

Congregation Beth Shalom is blessed in many ways, now more than ever before in our history. 
We are a vibrant and strong congregation, with excellent programs, and strong rabbinic leadership.
Numerous offerings beyond our scheduled services and classes enrich our synagogue community:

A wide variety of social, cultural and social action activities are sponsored by our

  • Sisterhood,
  • Brotherhood,
  • Social Action Committee,
  • Reyut (friends in need), and
  • COEJL (Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life).

Activities vary from year-to-year, but an example this year includes a Sisterhood shower to benefit the Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center of Saratoga County. Sisterhood Chanukah latke dinners, break-the-fast, and hamentaschen baking events are always popular. Brotherhood sponsors a yearly picnic that is well attended. 

Clergy Contact Information

Rabbi Ami Monson
Rabbi Emeritus Dr. Chanan Markowitz

Executive Board

President Linda Gellman
VP Administration Linda Russell
VP Fundraising open
VP Membership Colleen Silverman
Treasurer Miriam Cooperman
Financial Secretary open
Recording Secretary Linda Russell
Immediate Past President David Clayman

Board of Trustees

2024 Barbara Lazarow
2024 Fern Hayden
2025 Mark Cury
2025 Wendy Pyle
2025 Betsy Knorr
2025 Bob Silverman



Beth Shalom Cemetery is on Schermerhorn Street adjacent to Workmen’s Circle Cemetery. It was acquired from the Hebrew Sick and Benevolent Association of Schenectady in 1991 by Congregation Beth Shalom in Clifton Park, N.Y. The gravestones are perpendicular to the ones in Workmen’s Circle and to Mt. Stuart Road, and parallel with Schermerhorn St. It ends with the treeline next to Agagut Achim.

Directions to Cemetery

Note that Beth Shalom has received a bronze cemetery plaque that has been placed on the gate leading into our Beth Shalom cemetery.  This plaque is important to our cemetery because there are no other visible signs stating where the Beth Shalom cemetery is located.

Board of Advisors

Sisterhood/Men's Club Partnership Sandy Rubin & Les Miller
Cemetery Lynne Margolius, Barbara Lazarow, Colleen Silverman
House David Clayman
Israeli Affairs BJ Rosenfeld
Publicity Wendy Pyle
Reyut Carol Davis and Sandy Rybaltowski
Ritual Flo Miller
Gift Shop Sisterhood (Jackie Pajak)
Social Action Michael Weitzman
Webmaster Steven Hayden
COEJL Lewis Morrison
Listserv Jackie Pajak
Bulletin Jackie Pajak, Linda Russell

Our History

The history of a congregation is the history of the people who came together to establish a Jewish identity in Clifton Park. On Yom Kippur in 1973, a group of Jewish families gathered together to break the fast after services in synagogues elsewhere.  We decided to start a congregation in Clifton Park, where we could share prayers as well as a social life. While “next year in Clifton Park” does not have the same ring as “next year in Jerusalem,” this goal inspired twenty families to create Beth Shalom in 1974.

Our spirited need to share the common bond of Judaism included, from time to time, heated debates over procedures, which often ended with the argument of “that’s not how we did it in Brooklyn!” Out of a full range of Jewish perspectives, the families of Beth Shalom created our own model of Jewish life, together. Woman have always been full participants, and leaders, in our synagogue’s life.

Buying the land, and building the synagogue, involved most of the families in the congregation, whether it was legal work or paneling the sanctuary.  While the building is the center for Jewish life in Clifton Park, the congregation is the Jewish life.

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