Congregation Beth Shalom
Clifton Park

Presentation by Dr. James Hershberg

On April 7th at 11 am, Dr. James Hershberg, who is a professor at George Washington University, will be giving an extremely interesting talk related to Oppenheimer and The Manhattan Project.

James G. Hershberg, besides being the nephew of Phyllis and Lewis Morrison, is a historian of the nuclear arms race and the cold war. His first book, James B. Conant: Harvard to Hiroshima and the Making of the Nuclear Age (1993) examined the making of the atomic bomb, focusing on a figure who was Oppenheimer’s boss (and close friend).

Now a professor of history and international affairs at George Washington University, Hershberg also ran the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Cold War International History Project, authored Marigold: The Lost Chance for Peace in Vietnam (2012), and now works on a study of Cuba, Brazil, and the Cold War.”‘The Jig Was Up’: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the International Control of Atomic Energy, 1947-49.” In Reappraising Oppenheimer: Centennial Studies and Reflections.

James has extensive connections to the Albany Jewish community. Both sets of Grandparents Ethel and Bill Ackerman and Ben and Ann Hershberg were long time leaders in the community as well as his uncles Dan Hershberg and Dr. Lewis Morrison.

Refreshments will be served.

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